Harness the potential of diversity.

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About our founder.

Tera founded Kalawikk after 17 years working with adult learners in the classroom. Leveraging this experience and applying adult education theories, CLEAR was developed to move your team towards their fullest potential as they embrace diversity and inclusion.

harness the potential of diversity

DEI is more than AWARENESS.

Awareness is vital and part of the CLEAR framework, but knowledge without reasonable action cannot create measurable change. Kalawikk guides you through actionable skills development making your diversity and inclusion goals achievable.


What is the CLEAR framework?

What is CLEAR?

CLEAR is the research backed, 2-eyed seeing framework developed by Kalawikk to help organizations like yours discover and harness the potential of diversity in their teams. This framework focuses on a behaviour over awareness approach giving teams the needed tools to embrace diversity and inclusion.

What is the value of 2-eyed seeing?

Known as the method of balancing Indigenous ways of knowing and doing with our western system, 2-eyed seeing was developed by Mi'Kmaw Elder Albert Marshall. Finding ways to incorporate 2-eyed seeing is a part of the road to reconcilliation. As our founder is Mi'Kmaw, and creator of this framework, it informs their work.

Why does CLEAR focus on behaviour over awareness?

Cultural awareness is important. In fact, it is a key component to the CLEAR framework. But Kalawikk takes your team further teaching the skills needed to move past personal bias and build empathy, known respectively as the block to inclusion and the solution.

How does CLEAR work for my industry?

Modeled to be flexible, just like our diverse teams, CLEAR was created and is managed by a veteran adult educator with the skills and talent to adapt training to your industry's unique needs. An up front audit of your organization provides all the information to make sure you get everything your people need for success without wasting time on things you don't need.

How is CLEAR used?

CLEAR is a framework used to provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with:

  • Inclusive Leadership training & coaching
  • Diversity Audits
  • 1 & 2 day Training Sessions
  • Online Webinars

Course Development Testimonial

Working with Tera was amazingly easy and fulfilling. She listened to me and brought my best ideas forward. This foundation evolved to become my course. I highly recommend working with her. It was a positive and uplifting process that flowed smoothly from start to finish.

Kathryn Taylor - Kathryn Taylor Media


  • 1 & 2 Day CLEAR Workshops
  • Customized Webinars
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Inclusive Online Course Creation

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Be a Kind Space

Be a Kind Space for diversity! This social media campaign is raising awareness of the importance of allyship. Kalawikk has committed to delivering free workshops in classrooms to teach how to be a kind space to ourselves and others. Buying a 'I'm a Kind Space' shirt puts money towards keeping those workshops free. Stay connected and be the first to know when that campaign will start!

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Opening late summer 2023, this gallery will be Newfoundland & Labrador's first contemporary Indigenous art gallery highlighting & celebrating our rich Indigenous cultures.

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